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Welcome to the official website of & The Bear.

 We are currently closed for made to order items

but some ready made items are available on our "shop" page!

Here is a little about us..
 & The Bear was founded in March 2020 and officially launched April 11th 2020,
My name is Kate Cooper-Gers and I am the busy mum of 4 working behind the sewing machines. I started & The Bear after suddenly deciding to learn to sew and then becoming passionate about making my own children's clothing... then my friends children's clothing... then the word spread even further and & The Bear was born!!
I often get asked why the name & The Bear, I have always loved bears my hubby's nickname has always been Little Bear and immediately wanted 'one of our children's names' & The Bear, but picking just one out out of 4 children's names.. well IMPOSSIBLE and the name Max, Beatrix, Molly, Kit & The Bear, its abit too much. So while testing every name and item in front of the words & The Bear, I just fell in love with the simplicity of JUST that, so my small biz was created!
 I NEVER thought the business would take off as quickly as it did but my amazing friends & customers made it happen! Making Bright & Beautiful, affordable children's wear for everyone of every budget seemed to be the perfect selling point and my business grew and grew so quickly.
As a mum of 4 children I always wanted to buy handmade goods for my children but I couldn't always afford to purchase at some of the high prices on the market. My motivation from day 1 at & The Bear has always been to bring homemade to the masses by making it affordable yet remaining high quality.
All our clothing is pre-made & comes in ages from 0-5years,
We are based in the North East of the UK 
Thank you for reading, Kate xxx
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