We are a non-profit, volunteer led skating group based in Teesside.
Our goal is to bring people together, provide a super supportive friendly environment
& give people a chance to learn or improve on a skill.. roller skating or blading !!

My name is Kate and i am the founder of Gals on Wheels.

I set up Gals on Wheels as a complete skating newbie.
After covid lockdowns, I personally NEEDED the social
aspect of a group meet as i felt my mental wellbeing was really
not in a good place, so i went out on a limb and launched Gals on Wheels.
I am overwhelmed at how popular our meets have become, I have also learnt how
to skate and i'm so proud of myself & i want to spread this joy to others.

We are currently trying to raise some funds to hire a hall so our meets can continue
throughout winter, anything we charge goes right back into our future meets,
we are completely non-profit.

The website URL does not make sense as this domain was my old businesses website.